Thursday, April 10, 2008

An obsolete child

Welcome to "The Ogler," where you are invited to read some of my thoughts and ideas, and respond, if you care to. As the name of this blog suggests, I tend to look at things acutely; one doesn't ogle with impartiality. As a transitive verb, "to ogle" means to look at things greedily or with interested attention, or (oh la la) to eye amorously or provocatively. Don't worry, you won't see anything x-rated here. My ogling is family-friendly.

I've labeled this post "an obsolete child" in honor of that literary classic, "You're Only Old Once!" by Dr. Seuss. In this book an oddly specific type of ogling is described. For those of you who have ever felt mistreated by the health-care system, this story of a hapless little man going to the doctor's office will ring sadly true. Among the best passages is the following:

"The next thing you know,
when you've finished
that test,
is somehow you've lost
both your necktie and vest
and an Ogler is ogling
your stomach and chest.

"Your escape plans have melted!
You haven't a chance,
for the next thing you know,
both your drawers and your shoes
have been lost for the day,
The Oglers have blossomed
like roses in May!
And silently, grimly, they ogle away."

As you will discover in subsequent posts, I've endured my share of ogling lately. I will explain what the medical oglers have learned. I promise that my blogging won't degenerate into boring medical detail--although if boring medical detail is what you want, give me a call and I'll let you have it.


Keith said...

I had very much forgotten this bit of the Seuss legacy- and that after 15 years of quoting him to students and teachers. I think he would find interest in reading your words were he around. When I met him and had dinner at his La Jolla home he was quite ill but remarkedly still in pursuit of life.

theallisontree said...

I'm glad you're doing this, Daddy. I love you.

Josue Gomez said...

Hi Peter: I like your blog. Josue