Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Another delay

I’m sorry to report that I’ve been forced to take another week off my treatment. This time my white blood cell count is low—by a lot. I’ll hopefully finish the high-dose track next week, but it will be at a dose that’s a third lower than last week. The white blood cells are integral to the body’s immune system, so anything that diminishes their number can’t be good. Interferon is supposed to make my immune response to cancer stronger, not weaker. My oncologist expects the WBC count to rebound with the week off. In the meanwhile, I need to be extra careful to avoid anything that could lead to an infection.

I’m pretty bitter about this turn of events. I was counting on Friday being the last day of my infusions, and to have the PICC catheter removed from my arm (through which the interferon is administered). Having committed to interferon treatment, the reactions I’m now having are out of my control. My fatigue is persistent, although I am able to get out during the day to do chores. Mostly I just feel like hunkering down and finding a way to get through the day. Not a great way to live.


Carl Pelz said...

Your reaction is so understandable even by one who is not experiencing it. We hold you up in prayer. Hope you're able to enjoy the garden and the chores in spite of this, buddy.

Wags said...

Sorry to hear--not a welcome delay, I'm sure. We hope the white count goes up so that you can put this phase behind you. We'll pray that a week from Friday will be the last of the high dose treatment. Hang in there, Peter--

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to read about this latest delay. I know you were looking forward to finishing this phase of your interferon treatments this week. I will pray that your white blood count rebounds so that you are able to finish the treatments next week. I am also continuing to hold your family in my prayers. May you sense God's presence in spite of your trying circumstances.

Your brother in Christ,


Cam said...


Dang, dang, dang.

We'll share in that prayer that this upcoming week will be it and that a week from tomorrow you will be released to a new set of treatments.

Give the family our love and support, and same to you.