Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Day 18

I’m posting today just after getting home from the clinic. I may get slammed later tonight, but I feel pretty darn good right now. I told the nurses in the chemo lab that I think they’re slipping in some sugar water on some days. Those nurses—Mandy, Robin and Ginger—are awesome, by the way. They’re skilled, sympathetic, and efficient. I hope you never have reason to meet them.

One of the positive things about being home-bound the last few weeks is that I’ve had more time to mess around in the garden. It’s looking pretty good, if I do say so myself. I figure that any time spent trying to grow beautiful things is time added to the length of my life. The photo shows a little of the color from my Siberian irises and a couple of deciduous azaleas. I figure our garden is about at its prime in late May. Stop by and have a look, if you’re in the neighborhood.


Wags said...

I'd love to stop by and see the garden, but at $15 per bag I'll probably have to wait and drive. Glad your day went well, and let's hope you can coast into Friday evening. Have a great day Thursday, and keep posting. It's definitely an inspiration to all of us.
Take care Peter,

Marsha said...

Nice photo and nice grouping. Caring for a garden of ornamentals (as opposed to vegetables) seems similar to being a sculptor, but having the additional challenge of a medium that changes size, shape, and sometimes color. Wonder if God feels we are a garden. He did talk about pruning us to make us fruitful.

dls said...


Good to catch up with you a wee bit last night. By the time you read this only one more treatment will remain. I think a rendition of the Hallelujah chorus ( will be in order before you begin a new regiment next week. Would love to see some more garden shots. There's just something about new life springing up and the vivid colors that such a variety of well placed plants can bring to brighten any day any time.

We had a good time of prayer at the Tuesday AM Bible study, you have been missed, but you and several others were lifted up before God.

Look forward to seeing you soon.


Dennis and Michelle

PS On a side note, Michelle and I watched a very informative PBS documentary on depression. Go to for more information.

Josue said...

What a journey for you my friend!
I am amazed of your response to the treatment. But you are facing it with courage and the rest of the normal feelings of a human being in front of a giant.

I love the flowers of your garden
the are beutiful!
You are a talented gardener.
Try to keep them alive for a while i like to stop and take a picture.

Keep fighting the good fight!

Your friend

theallisontree said...

pretty, pretty! i wish i could just pop up and take a walk around the garden and come back to life here. i havent seen any gardens like ours in granada. send me more pics!