Friday, May 30, 2008

Dharma Initiative

My second injection wasn’t a picnic, but the effects were not nearly as bad as Tuesday. I felt well enough to kibitz all the way through the nutty season-ending episode of Lost. Come on: making the whole island disappear? Too bad the Dharma Initiative wasn't dedicated to finding a cure for cancer.

I’m getting into a groove with the radiation treatments. I’ll be speaking with the radiation oncologist today after my session; “patient education” is the topic. This will be a first. If I didn’t ask a lot of questions I’d know next to nothing about melanoma, cancer surgery, interferon, radiation, etc. The healthcare system does a fine job of treating the disease; not so the patient.

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Wags said...

Glad to hear that Day 2 went better. Let's hope the effects continue to diminish as time goes on. Yes, doctors can be robots--you must be their worst nightmare. And that's a good thing. Try to enjoy your weekend--