Saturday, June 14, 2008

Another countdown

It’s the end of another week of treatment. The world is still spinning, I’m still walking—and occasionally biking—around, and God is in his heaven. In my latest countdown, I’m two weeks from completing radiation. I really want this to end. I’m tired of being tired. There’s a beautiful world out there that beckons.


Hannah W said...

Hey Uncle Peter!
Good to hear you are almost done with radiation. keep plugging away! Glad to hear you are biking again. We are praying for you each day. Miss seeing you this summer! Love, Hannah

Anonymous said...

Hey Peter,
Thanks for continuing to blog about your treatment. I don't always post but I have been reading along and thinking about you. Good to hear you're down to just one more week of radiation ("just one more" -- sounds flip, when I know that every day takes a lot of strength to get through.) There is light at the end of this tunnel! Debbie

Anonymous said...

Peter: Your narative sounds both encouraging and dispirted. Keep up the faith, as I do for you, and we'll be at the beach again soon; paddeling. At least you're not in Fresno for 3 days in the 100 plus weather.

yaveh said...

Hi Peter,

I am glad that you are getting close to finish your radiation tratment.
Keep doing what you love to do as long as your body allows you. Enjoyed this summer time as much as you can. God is at work and alive all around you. Try to see the sunrise in the morning. Go where you can see the beuty of the sunset. Enjoyed God's creation. See the beauty of the flowers. Close your eyes and hear the amazing singing of the birds.
Try to look like a courious child the butterflys in your garden. Smell more often the perfume of the roses. Smell deeply the wine before you drink it. Thank God every day for the gift of your family. You are his special creation!
Contemplate around you because God is waching over you. He is sorrounding you with his holy angels! There is a reson to live my friend and to live well.
Live one day at a time.

Nancy said...


Be strong. You are surrounded by loving friends and family. Thinking of you and praying for your full recovery.