Sunday, June 22, 2008

Life is like a bowl of strawberries

Nothing lifts the spirits like a big bowl of Oregon strawberries—especially when they’re home grown. Some of you have heard about my misadventures over the years in trying to stave off rapacious deer, and the incursions of slugs, millipedes, and sow bugs. Some years I’ve been lucky to harvest more than a handful of berries. As you can tell from this photo, I’m enjoying a bumper crop this season. I’ve been baiting for slugs (beer traps) and keeping plastic netting over the beds. What a difference that makes. It’s only taken me 12 years to figure out a system that works.

Small pleasures like growing (and eating!) strawberries take on added meaning when your physical and mental capacities are impaired. My life is not joyless, despite the impression my previous blogs might have given. Among the things for which I’m grateful is the sunny weather we’ve had in the last week. I’ve also had fun hunting bugs with my delightful 5-year-old niece, Ruby, and enjoyed walks in the woods with good friends. There is also enormous pleasure to be had in seeing both Nick and Allie grow and learn through their respective activities. What awesome kids. The love and caring that I receive from Ellen is precious beyond words. The time that I’ve spent recently in God’s word, and in conversation with him, has been perhaps the greatest blessing of all.

Life is hard right now, but it’s not all a downer. It’s sometimes on the darkest days that God’s piercing light reminds me that he is good and that he has a boundless love for me. Not even strawberries can compete with a promise like that.


Wags said...

Reminds me of the period when my brother the bazillionaire hired a night guard to shoo deer from his Bel Air rose garden. Sounds like God is planting joys around you, such as berries and kids, and trusting you to keep the pests of life away. You look good in the photo, and I'm glad to see you're getting out. Stay in the Word and in the garden and you'll be OK. Hope to see you soon,

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,

Your journey is one that I am grateful you are willing to share with others. May He continue to give you joy in the midst of the struggles. Those strawberries look delicious!


Anonymous said...

I'll share today's message with Mom

Debbie said...

Awesome photo! You look great. Hand over those berries! Debbie

manxnan said...

peter, I am just catching up on your blog, and just in time for life to be a bowl of raspberries. I'm delighted that you are finding Joy in your garden. God bless you and Ellen and Allie and Nick the graduate.

love to all,