Monday, June 30, 2008

My brain is back

I wrapped up my radiation treatments today—and not a moment too soon. My leg is a mess, but now it can begin to heal. I’ve been off the juice (interferon) for a week and will be for another two. The doc thought I needed a break, and this will help the leg heal faster. I feel like I have my brain back. It's nice being able to think and carry on a conversation again.


manxnan said...


Welcome back. For someone who's brain's been on leave, you've done some pretty damn fine writing. Moved me to tears and to laughter more than once. The Lord as Editor. He works in strange and mysterious ways. Cheers, Nancy

JJG said...

I am very glad for you.
I am glad that you are having a
two weeks break of the(bad juice)
in your system.

I would really like to hear that your leg is healing
fast and that you are doing some of
the thigs you love to do, like bicycling and running
like a deer.

I am greatful that the Lord gave you an amazzing brain to write very well (by the way, I envy the way
you write).

Please enjoy the summer and your beatiful and
amazing garden!
PFU without ceasing.
We love you Peter.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps I should put my brain on leave so that I too could be a Master Gardner that can also write well. Not the one you reference, I know.