Thursday, July 10, 2008

The gift of time

It’s been a great week. The whole family is home, the weather is gorgeous, berries of all varieties are ripening, and aside from the small matter of a severe radiation burn on my leg, I feel strong and healthy. I’m taking walks again, which is a gift on these warm and sunny mornings. It is, indeed, good to be alive.

Since I have the energy, I’ve been doing research and making calls on the insurance issue (see previous post). I doubt that Regence will reverse its decision, but my goal is to learn exactly why it doesn't cover self-injections at 100%. So far all I get is chapter and verse of the policy manual. I’m running things up the chain of command. They owe me an explanation, since the policy was changed only a few weeks ago.

One concession that Regence made is that they will provide (for $50) one multiuse “pen” of interferon, which should be good for 3 to 6 injections. That means I should be able to do a little travel later this summer, and self-inject on the usual schedule. Otherwise, it appears I may be chained to the Corvallis Clinic for the next 43 weeks, so that I can complete a full course of interferon therapy.

I resume my shots on Monday at the full maintenance dose. I’m not sure what to expect. Some patients slip back into the schedule without a hitch, while others are hit hard. I suspect that at least some of the physical malaise and brain fog will return. Planet Interferon, here I come.

The skin on my leg is beginning to heal, albeit slowly. I get around ok, but whenever possible, I sit or stand. That rules out any serious gardening, although fortunately this is the time of year when I can mostly stand back and admire the bounty. When we built raised beds for the veggies three years ago, I chose to make them really high, figuring that this would be a nice design feature. I didn’t realize then that it would also allow me to garden without squatting.

This summer is not unfolding as I had hoped, but I’m trying to learn to be patient and not to have high expectations. As I’m not working right now, it’s nice to have extra time to read, think, and simply be with God in his creation and his Word. For these things I am grateful.


Steven said...

It sounds like things are looking up in at least some small ways. I'm hoping that God will continue to heap such blessings as a means of keeping you sane when interferon resumes. It was great spending time with you last week, and perhaps we can do it again next year. The family sends its best, and tell Ellen we're praying for her back as well.
Take care--

Marsha said...

Good news about the possibility of getting a slightly longer "leash" with the multidose injector.

I'll pray for more progress with the insurance company. Only focused persistence has any possibility of winning the day when you're dealing with the "I just follow the rules, I don't make them" so-called customer service available at the lower levels of a large bureaucracy.