Thursday, July 24, 2008

Just shoot me

I’ve done a couple of self-injections at home this week, and am tolerating them pretty well. No chills or rigors, like last week. I shoot myself in the thigh just before I go to bed, and so far I’ve slept well through the night. I’m a little achy and tired during the day, which will likely persist during this long maintenance period. My appetite is also waning again. I’m still not convinced I want to stick with the interferon, but I’ve deferred a decision for now. I want to see how I manage the side-effects (including the brain fog) in coming weeks.

I’ve been ramping up the miles I’m walking. Abby and I did a four-mile loop up Bald Hill today. My left thigh is mostly healed, but the fibrosis makes it stiff and I don’t have any sensation on the top half. It feels wooden. Fortunately, there’s no sign of lymphedema. As soon as the burn is completely healed I’m going to start running short distances. I’d like to see what it’s like to break a sweat again.

It’s been five months since my lymph node surgery and the official launch of my treatment. Considering where I’ve been, it’s good to not be constantly at the clinic. I get blood work weekly, and I see my oncologist every few weeks. This is about as normal as things are likely to get for a long while.

The photo is of my mom and four of her six grandkids. It was taken at Gigi’s home in Arch Cape.


Steve said...

Glad to hear you had a fairly nice week. I'm sure it'll be nice to start really exercising again, and I look forward to hearing you get up to exercise next time we stay with you in Waldport (notice I didn't say I'd be joining you in the effort). I hope next week goes as well, and the one after that, and so on. Nice photo of the grandkids, and say hi to Grandma Blue Seal, as Hannah called her in the early years.

Anonymous said...

Curtin Creek Enhancement Area
Watershed: Salmon Creek
Description: This project will provide water quality treatment, reduce peak flooding, and downstream erosion.

Budget: $3,870,000
Area treated: 3,024 acres or 4.73 square miles
Status: Under construction

Peter: This is the "enhancement" behind my house. Perhaps I could dip into the 3.8mil and put it towards your treatment. Please check you email for a picture. Very nice to hear things are going better.

Zone Captain said...

Sorry I have not been in touch recently. I appreciate so much of what you share here in the Ogler. Always praying that you sense His presence closely on a daily basis.

theallisontree said...

i love you, daddy. glad to hear things are going pretty well. see you in a few days :)