Monday, September 1, 2008

No more scanxiety

Much to my surprise, I got a call this afternoon (Labor Day) from my oncologist, who let me know my CT scan was negative. This is a huge relief. I’m glad to have this first follow-up scan behind me, and even gladder that the news was mostly good. The radiologist did make note in his report of a small nodule in my lower right lung that apparently was also visible on the previous CT. This is probably not cancer, but the mass is too small to biopsy so it will be followed. Also, the scar tissue and lymph fluid in my groin prevents that area from being definitively imaged. It should be possible to get a better look at the surgery site on the next scan (in three months). If I recur, this is where it’s most likely to happen. For now, I’m NED (no evidence of disease), which makes me very, very happy.


wags said...

That's great news--I'll share with Michelle and Hannah. Good to hear, and thanks for letting us all know so promptly. We're relieved. Go out for a moce dinner, but easy on the Merlot.

Anonymous said...

YAY! Great news. Cheering for you, Debbie

Anonymous said...

I'm really happy for you, Peter.

Karen B.

Anonymous said...

It's wonderful to hear this encouraging news. Count us happy, too.

Anonymous said...

VERY GOOD to hear that news. Be sure to wish Ellen my best.

Big Mike said...

Dear Peter,

Great News! Any luck finding
that new dentist or hairdresser?
Also,this week's pic of you
bears a strong resemblance
to a certain football coach
at a University whose name
should not be mentioned here
in this city where many fine
grads have been turned out!
Thanks again for that copy
of letter you penned while
in high school. Wish I could
have been there to witness
the reaction! Hang in there.

Big Mike

Steve said...

Your most recent blog has drawn great response. Any chance we could post Sarah Palin's speech here after she gives it this evening?
Ellen, have an easy surgery and a good recovery,

Zone Captain said...

Praise God for this news Peter!

Anonymous said...

Peter & Ellen,

I am very glad about the good for the both of you.