Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Dreamy ideas

I've posted below two links for those who care to wander to places with dreamy ideas. "The Allison Tree" is my daughter Allie's blog. It's named after a pine sapling I planted the day after she was born in Berkeley, CA. I placed in the soil under its roots a piece of her umbilical cord that the delivery nurses gave us. This tree--now, like Allie, 20 years old--is a giant. It still grows in the side yard of our old home in the Oakland hills. Tree planting is an optimistic, life-affirming action. So, of course, is having children.

The second link is to Acorn Foundation, the nonprofit that Ellen and I founded in 2001 as a way to connect with people in the Division Street neighborhood of Corvallis. We (including a host of wonderful volunteers) mostly engage with the local Latino community, and partner with Iglesia Emanuel, in extending the love of Christ to those in need. This is Ellen's passion, and she's uniquely gifted to run our programs. I'm the handyman and tend the community garden that is part of the property.


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Anonymous said...

"Born in Berkeley" appears to be one deciding factor. Much more than born in Walla Walla. Allie's tree, like Allie's writing, has been nourished and thusly thrived.