Monday, March 30, 2009

Stick it where?

Everyone has a favorite form of cancer screening--don't they? Well, at least Dave Barry and I do. You may not fully appreciate the humor of this piece if you haven't had the unique pleasure of being hosed at least once in your life.

Dave Barry: A journey into my colon--and yours

OK. You turned 50. You know you're supposed to get a colonoscopy. But you haven't. Here are your reasons:
1. You've been busy.
2. You don't have a history of cancer in your family.
3. You haven't noticed any problems.
4. You don't want a doctor to stick a tube 17,000 feet up your behind.

Let's examine these reasons one at a time. No, wait, let's not. Because you and I both know that the only real reason is No. 4. This is natural. The idea of having another human, even a medical human, becoming deeply involved in what is technically as your "behindular zone" gives you the creeping willies.

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Anonymous said...

I felt, thanks to a request for extra drugs, nothing at all. I even watched the proceedure on TV. And then a week later I saw that a new camera with a "reverse looking view" is finding even more problems. I'll wait on that view for a while.

doug said...

When I had my annual physical I asked my doc to use two fingers. I wanted a second opinion. heehee.