Friday, February 12, 2010

Another hit

I’d already taken two bullets, both of which were surgically extracted, but now I've been hit again. This one's in my right hip. These recurring mets are creepy and scary, and because of their frequency have put me in new territory in terms of treatment. There’s no point in describing what that entails until I meet with my melanoma specialist next week. He and I will consider the options.

As a point of interest, my surgeon said yesterday that he doubts the mass that resolved in my leg was melanoma. He doesn’t have a good explanation for what it was, but its disappearing act seems more anomalous than ever. This news doesn’t make me any less confident in the power of prayer, but does temper my enthusiasm for finding a trap door out of my medical predicament. I need to face it full-on and trust that I'm being cared for by a loving God, whether there are miracles involved or not.


grsmouse said...


We continue to pray with you and for you. Perhaps God will give all of us many added moments of grace!

Ruth and Glenn

Carl Pelz said...

Unless directed otherwise, we'll continue our line of prayer and to trust. I'm reminded of what you said awhile back, "...there’s not an outcome that could not be part of God’s plan."