Thursday, March 4, 2010

Kekaha or bust

I spent a few minutes again today with my favorite oncologic surgeon. My appointment was ostensibly to have stitches removed from last week’s surgery, but we found other things to talk about: specifically a suspicious bump just above my right pelvic bone. This is one I’ve known about for several months and thought was some bony protuberance. It may be something more, but Dr. V agreed with my opinion that we should wait and watch. I’m hopeful it’s nothing more than another enemy casualty in the Uncivil War being waged in my body.

Ellen and I will be on an airplane to Lihue, Kauai, in 10 days. Today is the first time we’ve permitted ourselves the luxury of thinking we might actually pull this vacation off. A 17-mile white sand beach lies just outside the B&B at which we’ll be staying in Kekaha (literally "the place" in Hawaiian). I’ll be packing my running shoes.


Steve said...

I hope you have as carefree a vacation as possible. Enjoy God's creation and try to put life as you're forced to live it these days behind you. You've earned this time away, and I pray that it's a fine and memorable trip for you and Ellen. I'll talk with you before you leave,

dls said...

A well deserved break. Yes, let's hope what you have been noticing for a few months is nothing to be concerned about. Talk to you soon and possible enjoy a beer together as well.


Tom Hess said...

Remember when Diagnostic Imaging traveled to Hawaii and we produced a daily newsletter? I hope this trip is peaceful, and that your B&B is a haven where you experience spiritual restoration.