Monday, March 1, 2010

Long May You Run

The folk tune that Neil Young sang at last night’s closing ceremonies for the Olympics may have been an ode to a car he drove back in the ‘60s, but I took it as a personal benediction. “Long May You Run” was the perfect send-off for deliriously happy athletes in the prime of life. For those of us who actually have “trunks of memories,” it was a sentimental and nostalgic performance by one of Canada's finest. Geezer rock at its best.


Kristin said...

Hey Peter -- Neil Young is one of my favorite singers!!! I didn't get to see him sing it on TV but i saw the video of it yesterday. Soooo awesome!!!

Lots of prayers to you,

Kristi Wagner

Anonymous said...

I just saw this also. Another great moment from Vancouver. But I wonder how many of those talented and gifted young Olympians said "I thought he was dead."