Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spirit of aloha

I don't know if this vacation on Kauai will prove curative, but so far it's certainly been a salve to a parched soul. I'll reserve the use of the term "paradise" for an even better place I've heard about, but this little island is special. We are staying in a B&B that is filled with aloha spirit. The hosts are wonderful. I discovered today that "aloha" means not only hello and goodby, but that in it's original meaning it's also a blessing: "The spirit of the one true God be with you." It can be used in a similar fashion to how the Hebrews used "shalom." What a contrast to the rowdy "alooooha!" yelled at tourist luaus. So the next time someone greets you gently with "Aloha," think about the blessing that is being poured upon you. Ellen and I feel that it's been poured upon us this week.


Doug said...

Gorgeous photo Peter. I've never been to Kauai and hear it is the most beautiful Hawaiian island. We leave the 8th of April for Maui for a week getaway. We will stay at a condo just next to my folks old place in Kihei where I spent many spring vacations and one Christmas back in the 70's. It was sold in the early 80's. It is a special beach with memories of my Mom and little brother. Then over to Kona for four days to celebrate my auntie's 80th b-day party.
Aloha to you and Ellen. En-joy.

Anonymous said...

Aloha and welcome home. My trip to Maui has been canceled for now since David’s new wife, Daisy, can’t seem to get her parents to appreciate the fact that David can’t afford to fly everyone over and put them up for a civil wedding. According to Daisy the civility had all but left discussions. I look forward to your pictures and to hear of the relaxing bliss you found while there.