Monday, April 26, 2010

The psychodrama continues

I’m not exhaling quite yet, but I did receive what I take to be a good report from my PET/CT scan. According to the oncology nurse who called, everything looks stable and the radiologist saw nothing new. This is presumably the same rad who read my PET/CT scan in January, so she had that study for comparison, which is an important consideration. There is an area of hyperintensity in the right buttocks, but that’s where my last met was removed in February, so I presume that’s what’s happening there. I asked to have the report faxed to me, but we had a technical failure so I’ll have to wait a while longer to see it. I also never heard directly from the oncologist, which is about par for the course. I hope to have that conversation tomorrow, and learn a few more of the nuances of the study.

So this little psychodrama continues. Thanks for bearing with me. I feel a great shadow cast across my path has passed, and I see some light again.


Cam McCandless said...

mazziCautiously optimistic. Looking for confirmation, but happy for what sounds like it will be good news. Grateful for grace.

Angela said...

I'm so glad you got what appears to be good news today. I was thinking of you and Ellen all day today and praying for good news. I was anxious to know if you had heard anything but didn't want to bug you if you hadn't received a call yet. I'm glad you posted on your blog. I'm continuing to pray that God will heal you!

Paul and Karen said...

I join with Angela in thanking you for posting. Paul and I were checking frequently. I'm joining you in your cautious exhale.
Hope you and the kids (and Ellen of course) have some good time together before they head out for whatever they're doing this summer.

Anonymous said...

If the sail that is melanoma must negotiate choppy waters with variable visibility, I am happy for you that the information you obtained at this port of call provided assurance for the next leg of your trip.

My prayer is that you may enjoy at the very least an extended stretch of supernaturally smooth sailing. You have, after all, chosen the best Captain. I've heard he sails all kinds of waters, no matter the course or weather and--get this--never abandons ship. I guess that's because he built the boat. And filled the ocean. And even spun the weather.


Anonymous said...

Any news from your oncologist?