Sunday, August 8, 2010

The best gift of all

You can take the paucity of posts on The Ogler this summer as a positive sign. My health continues to be strong, and I’ve put aside for a while the study, contemplation and writing that usually occupies my time. It’s been a nice vacation from the monastic life I’d been living. When the sun shines in the Pacific Northwest, you don’t want to miss it while sitting in front of a computer.

My relationship with the sun is complicated these days, of course, but what’s very simple is my desire to be with friends and family as much as possible. Nothing takes the place of the time we spend with those we love. It’s the best gift we have to give.


Nancy said...

Hey Peter, it's great not to hear from you! Happy to hear that your health is good. Glad you are enjoying a summer of friends and family.

Amanda Nicole said...

Hi Prof!
I am happy to find you have a blog, and since I just started one, I was looking over my old fashion beat blog and was reminded of how encouraging you were as a professor - I appreciated it! And because of your encouragement, I thought I would let you know I finally started a blog. Sounds as if you are having a good summer, and sorry to hear your health hasn't been so good - will be keeping you in my prayers!