Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What cancer cannot do

Here’s the update: My scans were clear—no evidence of metastases. That’s great news—obviously. I do have a spot on my arm that I’ve been watching that’s likely a met, however. I’ll have it excised in the next month—strictly an office procedure. My oncologist wasn’t too concerned about it, given the much greater threat of something showing up on the PET/CT scan. There’s no need right now to consider systemic therapy, which is a huge relief.

There’s much to reflect on here, but I won’t go into it now. I have several yards of compost to move into my garden today. On my way out of the doctor’s office yesterday I picked up a bookmark with the following verse, which I believe has been around for some time. It packs a punch:

What cancer cannot do
Cancer is so limited:
It cannot cripple love
Shatter hope
Corrode faith
Destroy peace
Kill friendships
Suppress memories
Silence courage
Invade the soul
Steal eternal life, or
Conquer the spirit

I might add that cancer also cannot rob a person of dignity and honor. We are all made in God's image. It is he who bestows worthiness upon us, not the world and certainly not the healthcare system.


Steve W. said...

Excellent news, Peter. I'm gla about the scan. And...compost and melanoma go hand in hand. Take care--

Steve W. said...

Make that "glad."

Nancy said...

Peter, great news. Moving a pile of compost and working to prepare the garden for spring and next year's crop is the perfect way to thank the Lord for giving you the opportunity to step into the future.

Anonymous said...

Peter: I held my breath as I checked your most recent posting. This is wonderful news. I'll be praising God tomorrow as I spread a cubic yard of fertile mix for my mother.

Anonymous said...

Love that quote.