Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Blog slogging

You'd be a glutton for punishment to actually read all of these melanoma blogs, but my point in listing them is to show that I'm part of an elite literary tradition. This collection is just a sample of what's out there. Several of these sites are maintained by family members for their loved ones who died of melanoma. Others belong to survivors like myself who are going strong--or maybe not so strong--and have something they want to say. At least a couple are informational sites, with additional links of their own. I've slogged through most of them. It's a sobering exercise but I'm keen to know what sense others make of their experiences. Through this process, some of what they've learned rubs off. Melanoma may be a ruthless teacher, but I think it's important for me to be in the classroom.

• Carver’s Sight or is that Site: http://carverblog.blogspot.com/
• Smelanoma, Cancer Stinks!: http://www.smelanoma.com/
• Defying Melanoma: http://defyingmelanoma.com/
• Life’s A Beach: http://kerpie.blogspot.com/
• Melanoma Wife: http://melanomawife.blogspot.com/
• Live In Our Skinz!: http://blog.uvskinz.com/
• I Love You More: http://iloveyoumorethanmost.blogspot.com/
• Got Sun Block Blog: http://gotsunblock.com/samantha_channels_story/
• The Power of: You: http://positive4cure.blogspot.com/
• Army For Sjon: http://armyforsjon.blogspot.com/
• Melanoma Madness: http://melanoma-madness.blogspot.com/
• Mommy’s Kicking Cancer’s Ass: http://krm0507.blogspot.com/
• Aim At Melanoma: http://www.aimatmelanoma.org/
• Bryce D. Brown: http://www.brycedbrown.com/journal/
• In Sunshine And Shade: http://inthesunandtheshade.blogspot.com/
• Pale Skin Is In: http://www.paleskinisin.com/
• The Melanoma Blog: http://themelanomablog.com/
• Tiffany’s Melanoma Foundation Blog: http://tiffanysmelanomafoundation.blogspot.com/

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Wow! These are some FAWKING amazing sites.