Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The unevident reality

Inspired by the essays of Wendell Berry and the poetry of William Blake, I wrote this poem expressly for those suffering from cancer and for whom solace is found on the inward journey. Words cannot fully express the meaning of what we can only feel but know to be true. I dedicate this piece to all those who are in travail and are heavy laden. Peace to you.

Life is a miracle.
We are alive within a mystery.
What we experience is the continual intervention
     Of the inexplicable.
As people—alas as patients—we are recipients of
     And affection.
The cold abstractions of science cannot save us.
There are those who choose to live as machines
     And those who live as creatures.
In empiricism and materialism we merely find
     Therapeutic strategies.
Meanwhile, peace and meaning come shrouded in faith.
The world can be seen in a grain of sand,
     Heaven in a wild flower.
The miraculousness of life cannot be proved
     But it can be told.
The unevident reality prevails.

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Anonymous said...

I had missed this entry for some reason. I really like your "unevident reality."