Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My year in numbers

My age in dog years: 8
Weight: 160
Resting pulse rate: 65
Years married to Ellen: 25
Hours spent sleeping: 2920 (equivalent of 122 days)
Cups of Peets coffee consumed: 750
Mai tais consumed: 1
Hangovers (see above): 1
Air miles traveled: 21,800
TSA enhanced pat-downs: 0
Days spent in the company of Nick and/or Allie: 17
Digital photos downloaded to desktop: 3360
Books read: 23
Time (in hours) spent in prayer: 100
Time (in hours) spent on Facebook: 61
Time (in hours) spent teaching journalism class (one term): 35
Time (in hours) spent reading student work: 95
Blog posts at The Ogler: 103
Pageviews (per month) for The Ogler: 1692
Miles run: 1003
Calories burned by running: 100,000
Calories consumed from potato chips: 7500
Longest run (in miles): 10
Shortest run (in yards): 500 (before Abby barfed and I had to stop)
Sprint triathlons completed: 1
Miles swum: 0.25
Finishing time for triathlon: 1:39.49
Dollars fundraised for “Tri for Life”: 3326
Score of best (and only) golf round: 79
Times Abby ran away from home: 3
Breakfasts at Elmer’s: 7
Nights spent at the Sea Shanty: 13
Number of surgeries: 5
PET/CT scans: 3
Cumulative radiation exposure (in millisieverts): 75
Background radiation exposure (in millisieverts): 2.2
My cost (in dollars) for a single PET/CT scan: 3426
Number of metastases detected by PET/CT: 0
Miles driven to receive medical care: 1762
Minutes spent under anesthesia chatting with my surgeon: 30
Cubic yards of compost spread in garden: 18
Tomatoes (in pounds) harvested: 90
Blueberries (in pounds) harvested (one plant): 40
Pears (in pounds) harvested (one tree): 200
Blossoms in my rose garden: 2
Cost (in dollars) to build fence to keep deer from eating rosebuds: 2135
Dollars spent on new plants: 317
Days of joy: 357
Days of sorrow: 8
Days of grace: 365


Anonymous said...

How glad I am to know you and your family - immeasurable.

Blessing to all in the new year.

Rick, AVFC California Supporters said...

The numbers do not lie. Here's to another 365 days filled with His grace!

Anonymous said...

The tale is told, is it not, not in the numbers per se, but in the items numbered.


Anonymous said...

More days are needed at the Shanty.