Friday, August 3, 2012

Checking out a sweaty armpit

I got a mostly good report on my PET/CT scan. There was significant uptake of FDG in a lymph node in my right armpit, but otherwise everything checked out. Obviously, I’m greatly relieved.

I’ll go back to OHSU next Wednesday for a fine-needle aspiration biopsy that should determine whether that node needs to come out or not. That would result in a simple surgery similar to the subcutaneous mets I’ve previously had removed. I  can’t feel a mass in my armpit, which strikes me as odd, but perhaps I’m not quite the safecracker I thought I was. We know PET scans don’t lie, right? If we didn’t have technology to tell us something is wrong, we might actually have to rely on medical acumen. Now there’s a thought that some enterprising medical blogger could tear into—oh wait, that’s me.

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