Thursday, August 23, 2012

Come and See

“The Ogler” may be the longest running blog in the family, but my daughter Allie is a quick study. She only posts occasionally on her blog, “Come and See,” but when she does it’s because she has something important to say. I invite you to read what she posted most recently (click here) about discoveries in her life.

Allie takes words seriously, and communicates matters of the heart in language that most of us merely grasp after. There is a passion in how she follows Jesus that challenges my often lackadaisical commitment. Allie has observed that “The soul's journey with God is one of joy, but it is fraught with mystery and contradiction.” Yes, that’s exactly true. It's amazing that it should be my own daughter who gently reminds me of it.

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RBS said...

Peter I stumbled across your blog last fall after having melanoma rear it's ugly head after a 16 year hiatus, 10 days prior to retirement at 62 because I have concurrent prostate cancer. We share the same surgical oncologist who i trust and value. I've been a spiritual searcher much of my life, realized about 20 years ago that I deeply loved Christ and wanted to better understand how that meant I should live my life. Your blog, and now your daughters have given me rich insight and food for thought. until recently i was a bit envious that your cancer was "so easily" treated. I became stage IV in March with this ugly beast all thru my lungs and had a collapsed lobe. I am tho fortunate to be Braf positive and began Zelboraf on April 8th. I've been a complete responder, amazingly. 90% of the malignancies in my lungs are gone, the rest have shrunk. we just returned from a trip to Cairo Egypt where my daughter and i shared a trip to the Pyramids, Sphinx and Mohhamed Ali mosque and several crossings of the Nile River. we then joined my wife of 37 years and my son in the Peace Corps in the bush in Kenya. we had an amazing several weeks, including a photo safari. things I never thought I'd see or do. My radiation oncologist had told us in March I wouldn't see another summer. so tonight as I was reading your daughter's blog i was so deeply reminded that my deepest desire is to have the power to carry out God's plan for me. I pray for you as you asked your friend to pray and I hope I will have the honor of reading your insights for a long time for both of us. thank you so very much for making those thoughts and insights available for all to see and benefit from. I'm one of your cheerleaders and humbled by your example. thank you.