Sunday, August 12, 2012

Tender sense of presence

We had friends over tonight for a visit, and before they left Doug asked how specifically they could pray for me. What a great thing to be asked. Here’s my answer:
1.   Simple healing from the recent assault on my brain. It will slowly reoccupy the space that it did before being crushed by a bleeding tumor. There is a plasticity and resilience to the brain that should impress us all. It can reorganize itself and resume function unlike any other organ in our bodies.
2.   Relief of symptoms that disorient me, especially the dizziness, hearing difficulty (right ear) and loss of appetite. I feel reasonably strong but need better nutrition to maintain healing and to regain clear thinking.
3.   Patience. I know that in time everything will improve, but recovery comes more slowly than I can easily accept. I long for this to be a time of peace and security, and believe it can be as I accept present limitations.
4.   My family. Ellen, in particular, bears the brunt of my caretaking. She does so magnificently. But this kind of thing takes its toll on even the strongest people. I pray that God would guard her heart, and give her the ability to respond to what must at times be unreasonable demands I make of her. My children too share the burden and I hate creating complications in their lives. As my health gradually improves, I pray that a full normalcy will also return to their lives.
5.   Fortitude for what lies ahead medically. What needs to happen will only slowly be revealed. I know that I can’t do this unless God enables it. I’m not able under my own power to make decisions that are both necessary and wise.
6.   An appreciation of the continuous flooding of God’s grace into my life. He has preserved me and I’m overwhelmed that he should have done so. His presence has never been sensed more tenderly. I’m resigned to his purposes and praise him for his great goodness.


Jean Cunnington said...

Praying for all of you.

grsmouse said...

Thank you for prayer requests with meaning...we have prayed and will pray for you and the family.

RBS said...

Peter your insights into spirituality particularly as it relates to this nasty disease have been helpful to me on many an occasion.I pray for you nightly and will pray for what you've asked for. Ron