Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My famous friend

I've discovered that people can be unusually reflective and sometimes profound when writing to someone living with cancer. It's a special status I hope to retain for as long as I can. Here's an email I received earlier this week that's a thing of beauty--with a twist at the end. With friends like this, who needs neurosurgeons and oncologists?

Hey Peter – Read your blog and got your latest news. You’re a brave soul, and I know where your confidence comes from. What a blessing that when we need Him most, our Lord and Savior is most present. How Christ must have suffered as He hung alone on that cross, without a word spoken from His Father. Thank Jesus we will never have to endure that silence.

I pray that your treatments don’t bugger you and that they effectively destroy whatever is left of that bastard disease.
I live daily with a keen sense of our mortality, juxtaposed with a keen hope for our future in eternity. We’re each on a journey that will lead us through the grave to a material embrace with Christ. I may yet get there before you. Who knows. What a mystery. What an adventure.

 I am so honored to be your friend, and so encouraged by your faith. Live on, brother! Oh, and if when I see you next you don’t remember who I am, a picture is worth a thousand words.

(From a friend not named Bill Gates who shall remain anonymous)


Carl Pelz said...

Well, I'll be... And, such a likeness too!

Cam said...

I love this. I'll let "Bill" speak for himself, but I love it that he's now truly famous.