Monday, December 17, 2012

No sign of new cancer

It was a long day of scans, but I got a good report from my oncologist at the end of it all: no sign of new cancer. A small cancerous lymph node in my right armpit remains, but it’s not yet known whether it’s on the way out or still growing. I’ll have to wait for the full radiologist’s report for that piece of news.

So we can’t officially declare me a responder to ipi just yet, although the signs are pretty positive. The full effects of ipi will peak in three to six months. Dr. Curti said that about one in three of his patients with brain mets progress rapidly to multiple recurrences; an obviously bad outcome. So far, I figure I’ve scored about a 9 on a scale of 1 to 10 on the melanometer.

The fact that my brain is clear is great news, since that’s the organ that’s at greatest risk for failure. The MRI scans show complicated tissue changes, which is predictable given how my brain is working hard to heal itself. The fatigue that plagues me will gradually dissipate as the combined effects of brain surgery, radiation and ipi subside. I can now begin the process of imagining life beyond treatment.

Ellen and I value all the prayers and expressions of concern that we’ve received in recent weeks. It’s made a big difference. Your support and encouragement is hugely appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Thank God for answering the prayers of so many of your friends and your family! What a wonderful gift of life you have received for Christmas
God's continued blessings to you, Ellen, and your children this Christmas season


Steve said...

This is great news, Peter. Merry Christmas 8 days premature, huh?

Nancy said...

Blessings, Peter!

This is wonderful news, and a great gift of knowledge that will ease your minds and hearts as you rendezvous with Allison and Jon (tomorrow?). Hard to believe almost a year has sped by since we celebrated their marriage. Enjoy the season and bask in God's love.

Thandi said...

Ahh, no new cancer. That's good news indeed.Here's hoping your armpit squatter is on his way out.

Kelly O'Connor said...

I have followed your blog intermittently for 2 years and find great comfort in your reflections. My daughter is a senior at OSU. My husband was dx with stage 3b melanoma 2 years ago and completed a year of interferon. I have not been on your blog for about 6 months but yesterday after my husband and I left Dr Curti's office and celebrated clean scan results I logged in to check on you :) So happy to hear your good news
and to follow your amazingly peaceful path as you battle this disease. Thank you for sharing.
Merry Christmas,
Kelly O

Anonymous said...

Peter, I was glad to read your good news! Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year...

Anonymous said...

Amen!! to clear scans. I too find comfort in reading your blog and following your journey. My 19-year old daughter was diagnosed with Stage 3 two years ago. She continues with her scans every 6 months and is clear as well. Continue your fight and remain present with our GOD.

Bobby Grow said...

Hi Peter,

I just came across your blog by googling a picture for Neitzche and I found the one I wanted at your blog :-).

Praise the Lord about your good news! I will continue to pray for you now.

I am a cancer survivor myself (been cancer free for 2.5yrs now). I was diagnosed with a rare deadly cancer called Desmoplastic small round cell tumor sarcoma; it's a miracle I am alive--praise the LORD!

Anyway, I'll be following your blog now, and your continued progress. I blogged through much of my own ordeal here:

And I currently blog here:


Anonymous said...

ipi... better late than never it would seem. Wonderful news for you and yours - Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news, Peter! May the blessings continue. Merry Christmas! Debbie