Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sloppy synapses

Well, the synapses are getting a little sloppy but I do want to keep writing while I can. Bear with me. I hold out hope for better days when I’m stronger of body and mind and can address something more substantial than this simple entry.

I have a final radiotherapy session tomorrow, after which I’m hoping some of my fatigue will begin to lift. I’m getting around OK with a walker these days; I intend to upgrade soon to the 4WD model (not wi-fi enabled). I’m not getting much exercise, but perhaps that will come as the nerves in my spine settle down and I become more comfortable again. I’ve had my meds adjusted so am back to sleeping well again at night. And I have no pain during the day. In sum, things aren’t too bad.

We signed up officially for hospice on Friday. This doesn’t change things much, other than making palliative care more immediately available, if needed. I’m relieved to know they can have a nurse here within minutes; the load for arranging for my medical care thus doesn’t fall totally on family. Plus I get massages at home on demand. What a deal.

Nick has wrapped up his job in Seattle, and will be arriving home tomorrow. The nest has suddenly filled back up—at just the right moment. As Ellen continues to work, with my complete approval, this assures that someone is around to help me out when I need it. I wouldn’t mind having the chauffeur service so much if it wasn’t mandatory.

I was able to get out yesterday and direct Allie and Jon with some weeding, as I’m not able to get anything done in the garden right now. Again, maybe soon. With the April showers and warm temps, the Oregon jungle is undergoing its annual rejuvenation. What a riot of fecundity. I can sit in my recliner and just watch the grass grow—figuratively speaking, at least.


Skeezix said...

Peter--you continue to be a powerful inspiration . . . you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. God bless all of you.

Carl Pelz said...

Peter, thanks for the update. We too pray for some "better days" for you as well as optimal mobility and being free of discomfort. Your synapses seem pretty good to me. Of course, they always have seemed to be above average!

Rick, the Zone Captain said...

Dear Peter,
I continue to pray to our God, most importantly I am thankful for you. The ministry that you call "Ogler" has touched me personally and also contributes to my ongoing spiritual formation - more so than anything I have read for seminary courses. You are and continue to be a dear Brother in Christ.
In His love and mine,