Thursday, May 2, 2013

Azaleas in bloom

Dear friends and family,

Nick and I are trying out a new form of communication on The Ogler. If it doesn't work, we’ll try something else, but our current model of having me sit down and write short essays is becoming increasingly difficult. So instead, I will dictate to Nick or whoever else among my loving family members, and we’ll see if I can muster a little intelligence or insight.

It is important to me to say what I feel needs to be said. So we’ll give this a whirl.

I would like to be able to speak with each of you, individually; but that won’t be possible. Just talking to myself tires me out. I am able and happy to read emails from you also, so please keep them coming. Since I am not getting out much, this is how I can stay in touch with my loved ones.

No big changes overall in my physical condition. The fatigue continues, deepens if anything. This is a natural progression for brain cancer. I wish I could hope for better, but I accept this as the natural process that we work around the best we can. Ellen and the kids are great. I’m getting plenty of nutritious food, thanks to the many contributions of prepared meals by so many of those whom we love. It would be hard for us to get this all done by ourselves.

We have been blessed by daily times of prayer together, in which we all can speak with God about the significance and meaning of these days. There have been so many wonderful reminiscences. We've laughed and shared smiles as we look through photo albums of when the children were small—and Peter had hair. The blessings of family have been so dear to all of us. Being together has been in itself the best of ways to spend our time.

It helps to have had many warm, sunny days in which we have all gotten out into the garden, to do some cleanup and spring prep. I never guessed we’d get the garden whipped into shape this spring, but thanks to my willing minions (including my sisters), we've done it.  The azaleas are blooming, and the berries fattening up in anticipation of more golden days ahead. We can smell the lilac already.

Living is hard, but life is good. We are all blessed to be a part of God’s great creation. 


Tom said...

Nice job, Nick, in helping your Dad communicate vividly the sights and smells of Spring.

Nancy said...

Peter, it pleases me greatly to know that you are enjoying the beautiful garden that you and Ellen and your children created. It is a little slice of heaven on earth, watched over by your St. Francis.

Blessings, dear friend.

Eric Skinner said...

Peter, it's great to hear that you are getting so much love and help from your family and friends. It is a testament to the type of person you have meant to us all these years. I keeping hoping and praying for a miracle and God has his plans for you. In the meantime I look forward to coming and visiting with you and perhaps sitting out in your beautiful garden. It's one of the many wonderful things that I remember and enjoy about you. The other is you kicking my tail on the golf course. See you soon, and may God continue to bless you and your family. Eric S.

Peter Ogle said...

Thanks, Eric. Wonderful to hear from you. Peter.

Anonymous said...

Peter and Nick make a great team! If you hadn't told me, I would not have known that anyone other than Peter composed this entry.

Thank you for continuing to share your journey with us. As you say, "Living is hard, but life is good." How true!

vwin said...

It is always delightful to hear your voice now matter how it arrives, Peter! So grateful to hear about the sweetness that surrounds you these days.

"Pure humanity, friendship, home, the interchange of love, bring to earth a foretaste of heaven. They unite terrestrial and celestial joys, and crown them with blessings infinite."

Will keep in touch via email!


Anonymous said...

Nick: Thank you (to all of you) isn't enough. I spoke with Peter Friday and it was the best time recently. I won't be up as planned but remain available if you need me.

Rick, the Zone Captain said...

Always enjoy your insights (great job by your family in keeping the Ogler "ogling". Its beautiful.

Thandi said...

As a reader from South Africa, I can only think of how one day if we remain faithful, we will meet you and your family when Jesus comes. At that time borders won't be a problem..And we won't have to think about how "living is hard" for you because it won't be. Thank you for continuing to share your thoughts with us.

Carl Pelz said...

Peter, your thoughts, insights, and just sharing the mundane goings-on with the family are so appreciated. Love to you all. Carl and Kim