Monday, April 14, 2008

Day One

For anyone keeping score, I made it through my first day of interferon. The session consisted of sitting in a Barcalounger for two hours while my venous catheter sucked in the INF with a saline chaser. Pretty straightforward. It’s now three hours later, and I don’t feel too bad—about how I’d feel if I was coming down with the flu. Ellen and I are going for a walk to the covered bridge in a few minutes. After some crummy weather today, it’s a pretty evening.

A couple people have asked me how interferon works. The short answer is, no one knows for sure. The two main theories are that it stimulates an immunologic response against melanoma cells, and the other is that it inhibits the development of tumor blood flow. Either way, it’s not a great medicine, but it’s all we have. Because there’s so little known about its mechanism of action, it’s hard to know what the optimum dose should be, how long you should take it, and how its toxicity can be reduced. The immunologists and cellular biologists need to get to work on this!

I’ll be going to the clinic for treatment every weekday at 3 pm for the next four weeks. I’m relieved to have this process started.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted you to know we checked in. Glad to hear you had a good (?!) day #1.

Anonymous said...

just checking in on you this morning, I Love you big brother!

Anonymous said...


I am glad to read that you survived your first interferon treatment. I was praying intensely and frequently for you and your family yesterday as you entered this new phase in your fight against cancer. May God give you the strength to win this fight by a knockout!

Your brother in Christ,


Anonymous said...

We are here with you in this. Thank you for being willing to be transparent. We will all learn and grow with you my friend. KT

steve said...

Michelle, Hannah and I pray that your second day of treatment went as well as yesterday. Thanks for posting, I look forward to reading as a means of inspiration and keeping up with your progress. Look beyond the next l8 weeks to a time when life will get back to normal.
Steve (et al)

Anonymous said...

My harassment for you to write finally worked! It is a pleasure to read your talented and skilled writing again; in a very nicely done blog. Please write in a happy and definitive ending to this story.