Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Day Two

I figured I better do my post today while I'm feeling crummy so no one gets the idea that I'm sailing through this treatment. I don't want to lose the sympathy vote. I was OK last night until after my walk with Ellen after dinner, then was hit by the chills and aches. Those came on much earlier today, while I was still mainlining the interferon. Every day is an adventure.


Anonymous said...

So, it's begun. We cherish our time with you the other day. Our love and concern goes out to you, Ellen, Allie and Nick, your "front-line." We're back here in the supply regiment, doing what we can from afar. Well, looking foward to journeying with you through this blog. But, don't push it. Take care, Peter. C&S&C&M

Debbie said...

Peter, "Planet Interferon" would never appear on a "top 10 list" of places to visit. Or a list of any kind, actually. A stop there means you'll be able to continue your journey to the rest of your life -- and all the things you have to do, live, love, be, and accomplish. I know you are going to make it! Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Peter: You make the treatment sound much less debilitating than I've read that it usually is. I hope this is what you really feel.