Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Day Seven

A repeat of yesterday: chills during the treatment, and now headache and fatigue. This is the routine I believe I will be facing for the rest of this high-dose period. It’s brutal. I am sleeping well at night, which is a grace. I’ll write more when I feel up to it.


Cam said...


I had an odd sensation as I read your posting today and looked over to the wise and watchful eye of Allison on the righthand panel. I felt like she was silently upholding you, even as God Himself silently watches throughout periods of suffering, as though to say I'm here and for now that's enough. Remember Earl's sermon on Job, where, as Earl described it, God walks through the passages of Job like a grandfather through his garden showing Job all the interesting plants and flowers. "And, look here, at my Leviathan!" He didn't answer Job's questions or, until the last, address his sufferings. He just said, I am here. I am watching. Like that eye of Allison's.

Glad you're sleeping well.

Marsha said...

Thanks for these honest windows into your experience. I think you are brave in your facing of the difficulties of treatment (and the uncertainty of the future); and in the expressing of your thoughts, fears, hopes, and faith. You're giving me some moment-by-moment modeling of how a committed Christian can approach the abyss and keep his head up and heart secure.

Dltest said...


I'm now caught up with The Ogler and I thank you for letting us journey with you in a way that for many can be easier than a phone call, or simple note through the mail. I know for me this works well, but in this journey for me, it will not replace the f-t-f or exchange by phone when you are up to it.

I'm sure Ellen will grow a bit weary at times answering the same questions from those that call, but I thank you Ellen for being Peter's voice when he is not up to talking. Consider it our check in with you as it's well documented that the caregiver is often neglected and needs to be upheld by the community.

Dennis and Michelle

Nancy said...

A meditation upon Peter . . .
Just back from Antarctica, ashamed of my busy-ness, denial and other lame excuses for not getting aboard your journey to recovery.
How can cancer challenge one of the most fit, most spiritual; kind, responsible, loyal, thoughtful, finest people that I know? Have spent the past two hours in my meditation - reading your every word and reflection upon health, faith and family, and every posting from your circle of friends and family who give you strength and have stepped into the ring for this great wrestling match of your life. Moved on to the high school annual for more affirmation of the power that you have to defeat this cancer. Smart guy, nice guy, great friend of more than 40 years. Now it is payback time for all of us whose lives you have touched. I'm back, on board, and promise to pray for you each and every day. God be with you, Nick, Allie and Ellen. May He hold all of you tight in his loving embrace.