Monday, April 21, 2008

Day Six

The last day and a half has been rough. The fatigue caused by interferon caught up with me yesterday afternoon. When I came in from a two-mile walk I curled up on the couch for a snooze and barely left it rest of the day. My temp went to 101 and I hurt all over. I thought I might make it unscathed through the weekend, but no such luck.

Then today during treatment I was hit by the chills, which were especially unpleasant. I’m over them now, but feeling fatigued again. I want to continue to walk daily, but I can see this is going to take some mental energy.

I had blood work done this morning so my oncologist could check on various markers. A couple of liver enzymes were high, so they’ll be checked again on Wednesday. If they go higher, then the doc will probably suspend treatment for a few days and reduce the dose of the interferon. As awful as this drug is, I would like to stay at the maximum dose so I can gain whatever benefit there may be to it. I won’t risk liver failure to do this, however.

I feel like I’m past whatever honeymoon period I might have enjoyed last week. I’ve read that some of the effects of interferon are cumulative, and I’m beginning to experience that. The fatigue in particular is weird—I feel I can close my eyes and sleep at a moment’s notice. I can also sense my IQ dropping. It’s hard to carry on a conversation when you feel like crap.

The snow and hail and rain outside suit my present mood. Perhaps things will brighten when the sun finally returns.


Carl Pelz said...

Peter, sorry to hear about the tough side effects. Kim and I are praying for your physical and emotional strength as well as the effectiveness of the treatment. As for the lowering of your IQ, some of us welcome a more level playing field. Carl

Steve said...

Sorry to hear that Sunday and Monday were rough. We're praying it's an aberration and that those side-effects will disappear as you continue on this week. You're about a third of the way through--we're pulling for better days this week.

Anonymous said...

May God give you even more strength to tolerate!
You are a writer in every sense, thanks for this, we have learned so