Saturday, April 26, 2008

Day 10

I wasn’t up for posting anything last night, so I’m trying this morning with a slightly clearer head. The fatigue and achiness were overwhelming after my treatment yesterday, and persisted through the evening. I now get a couple days off, so I hope to enjoy the sunny weather and having Allie home from college. I’m now half way through the high-dose portion of this program. It’s been hard, but I assume I can make it.

I’ve had a catheter in my leg draining my surgical site for the nine weeks since my groin dissection. The lymph fluid level has finally dropped to the point where I can safely have the drain removed, which I hope my oncologist will do next week. I have minor swelling of the upper thigh related to the surgery (lymphedema), which is sometime painful. Once the drain is gone I can start massage and wear a compression stocking that should help with this.

I’m hoping to take a long walk today, and to putter in the garden. The blue sky beckons…


Anonymous said...

Peter - I caught up with your blog today, and it made compelling and uplifting reading. Rest assured that your friends in North Wales think about you often, and are hoping and praying for your full recovery. I've always admired your clear and expressive writing, and your ability to find the right words for your feelings and emotions. You're a source of inspiration to so many people. Keep up the great work and keep fighting. Philip

Wags said...

Hope your day goes well Monday and that the side-effects are once again minimal. By the end of next week you'll hopefully be done with this nasty process. Thanks for giving us eyes into what you're going through. I, and I'm sure all your friends, am glad to in some small way be a part of this--if nothing more to encourage and help pray you through it. Hang tough, and give Ellen, Allie and Nick our best.

Cam said...

Hi there - Good news about the drain. That's been a big concern - Hallelujah, says Stephen! Hope you had your garden therapy this weekend. Halfway through -- that deserves another Hallelujah! Thanks for keeping this blog up so faithfully and so honestly. It means a lot to us out here to share in your journey.

Anonymous said...

Peter, I too am glad that drain is finally coming out but even happier that the treatments are coming to an end. My Best,