Monday, April 28, 2008

Change of plans

Change of plans today. My blood work came back with liver enzyme readings that were dangerously high, so my oncologist canceled my interferon treatments for the week. He has been monitoring several blood and liver markers, as it’s not unusual for the drug to mess up basic functions. Assuming the enzyme levels drop back down, the plan will be for me to resume treatments next Monday at two-thirds the original dose. I will still get four weeks of infusion, but now it will be extended over five weeks.

The good news in this is that I get a break. I’m hoping that by lying off the interferon for a few days I might actually start to feel a little better. It will be interesting to see how my body responds during this hiatus. The not so good news is that if INF does any good at all, I’m best off taking the full hit. That’s not possible now. I’m hoping that the two-thirds dose will at least be more tolerable. We’ll find out next week.

I had my drain pulled while I was with the doctor today. He just snipped a couple of sutures and slid the catheter out. It’s a big relief after nine weeks to be rid of that appendage. I have a small infection at the wound site, so I’m back on antibiotics to clear that up. The top side of my thigh remains totally numb, and I have some minor pain when I bend over or squat. I’ve been told the nerves in my thigh will very slowly regenerate (over months) and as they do, the pain and wooden sensation will subside. This is all part of the aftermath from the original surgery.

I’m hoping that my attitude will improve with this break in the action. I’m not much interested in being around people right now, as there’s so little to talk about other than my medical stuff. And that’s getting pretty boring. It would be nice for the mental haze to clear enough that I can actually carry on a real conversation again.


Dave said...

Peter, I hope you get a little energy during the break. Your body is probably too fit for all the INF so cutting back will be like a normal dose for anyone else. Keep up the spirits.


Anonymous said...

Peter, I'm hoping it helps to know there are friends holding you up in prayer. My prayer this week is you will feel God's peace as you break a bit from the fog. He is there with you. We know you know it even if you can't feel it moment by moment. Karen

Carl Pelz said...

Peter, I trust you're feeling better in body and spirit with this break. Please know, all you have to say is welcome including medical details. Hope you get some time in the garden and sunshine.

Anonymous said...

I'm reading what you write every day and praying for God's grace to rest upon and in you,(and Ellen, and your children also).

Anonymous said...

Hey Peter, just checking in. Having just come through a very minor yet completely irritating and humbling intestinal dispute, I can relate to being tired of talking about medical stuff. And yet, when you're enthrall, it's difficult not to be obsessed by it. I mentioned humbling above. It's so easy to take our bodies for granted. I'm grateful that you've got people looking after you who are on top of your situation -- checking levels and proceeding cautiously. That's a big upside in my opinion. You're still the hippest. Debbie

dls said...

Peter greetings,

Now that the week is almost over catch us up with things you have been up to to take advantage of the break in treatment. Hopefully your body has cooperated and given you some needed relief and rest.

Michelle and I are off to the beach for our annual Bible Study retreat and will catch up on Sunday.

Dennis and Michelle