Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Day 13

For you hardcore readers of “The Ogler,” I’m pleased to report that today was a relatively easy day. My scale for how I feel after an interferon treatment is my position relative to the surface of the planet. When I’m horizontal, you know it’s been a bad day. When I’m semi-reclined in my leather throne (the purple throne has been usurped), that means the side-effects are tolerable. I’ve even walked around a little tonight, which is a good sign. I wouldn’t trust myself to operate farm equipment right now, but overall I’m doing OK. Thanks for checking in.


Steve said...

You're still probably doing better than Jason Castro. Glad Wed. was easier. Hope today goes as well and that you're operating that baler by dinnertime. Take care--

bigmike said...

Hey Peter,
Apparently the saline solution
is having some sort of effect
on your smile. Or your present dentist has a really weird sense
of humor. Perhaps he/she needs
a letter similar to the one you
wrote while in high school quest-
ioning the basketball coach's
sense of priority. Or maybe the
coach needs a letter DIRECTLY
reminding him that the basketball
court is not the only means whereby character is revealed
and forged? I'd be happy to find
his address and deliver in person!
Big Mike

Angela said...

I thought I figured this comment stuff out but two of my comments this week never posted. I'll try again. I'm hoping and praying that today is an easier day so you can enjoy hanging out with Allie tonight. Let me know if you need anything tomorrow if Ellen is exhausted from getting Allie to the airport in the middle of the night. You are in our thoughts and prayers as you near the end of week three!!