Thursday, December 31, 2009

In with the new, out with the chips

My annual physical is always a pain in the butt, but knowing that a full year of good health has passed since the last time I saw my doc’s index finger made it bearable. On other anatomical topics, I have what’s called a sebaceous cyst below my left eye, which given my medical history caused me a few days of heartburn. Dumb, perhaps, but it’s false alarms like this that cancer survivors (hopefully) live with. My GP squinted at what I was ready to believe was another melanoma, and intoned, “It’s the equivalent of a bad zit.” That said, he did recommend that my dermatologist take a look. Once burned, twice shy. She’s on the docket for next week.

Accompanying my physical yesterday was a blood panel, which revealed cholesterol and LDL values that were higher than they should be. They’re not yet dangerous but are above the normal range, which really ticks me off. One of the reasons I run is so I can eat crap and get away with it. Having dodged cancer for now, I vow not to succumb to heart disease. The potato chips and chocolate-covered raisins will have to go.


Doug said...

My cholesterol scores went up a bit too with my physical early this month. I felt disappointment too after bumping up the exercise, a daily fish oil tab, a little wine and a lot less cheese in 09. Genetics and age I reckon. I've seen it rise a bit every year. My doc says just keep eating healthy and exercise. New Years resolution? More conscious eating.

Anonymous said...

Peter: Your "genes" may need repalcing; finally. Whenever I (or you) mention my gut, short legs, thin hair, cholestrol levels...... you always said you had good genes (jeans?) and I remained silently bemused at the fuss on my part. So here you are, late, but ready to join the club.
Very happy it is not cancer and you are very much with us.