Tuesday, January 12, 2010


This is a bare bones account of what’s happened in recent days. The cyst I referred to so glibly in my previous post turned out not to be a cyst after all but instead was a metastatic melanoma. This obviously came as a shock not only to me, but also to my dermatologist and—I would hope—my GP, who first inspected it. I have no symptoms of recurrence and feel fine. Unfortunately, that’s not good enough. With this bit of news I am now stage 4 and back in the belly of the beast.

I saw my new oncologist this morning and he immediately ordered a brain MRI and a PET/CT, which should locate any additional mets that may be lurking. Based on the transit of cancer cells to my face from my groin, where I had a lymphectomy almost two years ago, there could be trouble almost anywhere. I will know soon.

This is a bitter pill. It’s hard to write this, knowing that there could be more bad news in coming days. I always knew that this day could come, but never expected I would be quite so blindsided. I’m reeling.


dls said...

Michelle and I reel along with you and your family Peter. At this point I will wait to hear more from your results to come.

Suffice it to say that God is sovereignly in control as he is with each trial we face in life. It's easy to say, but penetrates to the core when faced with our own mortality or that of those we dearly love.

Does it make it any easier? Did it shield Jesus from physical suffering as he asked the cup to be removed in Gethsemane?

Just know that your friends will be right behind you and your family with ongoing support as you face into this next trial that life has thrown your way.



wags said...

I agree with Dennis--God is sovereign, in complete control, and mindful of what you need in this period of uncertainty and unknown. He will minister to you as you walk this road. Michelle, Hannah and I continue to hold you, Ellen, Nick and Allie in our prayers. Look for His comfort in every moment and at every turn. You will find it, I'm certain. Take care--

grsmouse said...

Peter and family.....

Our hearts ache for you - from our hearts we pray for you.

Ruth and Glenn

jeancie said...


Heavy news hear. My prayers are with you, Ellen, Allie, and Nick as you wait for the test results.


Paul and Karen said...

I'm sorry, Peter, for the news none of us wanted to hear for you. We'll wait and pray with you for what you hear next. Our hearts are with you.

Marsha said...

You are reeling and I am railing to the heavens, not fair, not fair!

Yet only God can comfort, calm fears, and provide hope because He's the only one who knows what's happening and what will come. Where do people turn who don't have Him?

Praying, praying, praying for you.


Tom said...

Peter .... you've been one of the most important people in my life. You led me to the Lord, and photographed my wedding. You helped me grow as a writer, editor and employee. And now in your darkest hour yet you model for me how to live life, one breath at a time. Thank you, my dar, dear friend.

Anonymous said...

I'm reeling, too, Peter. Also cursing quite loudly. Sending with strength, positivity, and love to you and Ellen with every fiber.


Anonymous said...

That sucks. And I was gonna call soon to go run with ya. I had a bad crash on my bike last weekend so laid up a bit here.
Life sure can be a mystery. One thing is sure, your faith. My prayers and thoughts are with you Peter and with your dear family. You're in good hands and hearts.
Lots of love and a hug,